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Are you looking to invest or have paid off debt and are taking the next step in trying to secure your financial future? Are you someone who is like the majority of people, who have some money to invest but just don’t know where to start investing?  Well you have come to the right place with howtoplaystock.com.

What we can OFFER!

This website’s main goal is to provide information on where to begin with investing , the types of investment available to anyone who might be looking to create passive income and build a nest egg towards retirement or simply give insight on how to play stock for day trading or for QUICK PROFITS. This website will also OFFER a deep dive into the psychological aspects of Asymmetrical Risk/Reward.  If you are not familiar with this term DON’T worry or get Intimidated yet… we will cover terminology for investing tools later on, so that you walk away from here much more educated on what it takes to be a good investor or day trader/speculator so you can play stocks with much better odds of RETURNS.

Education to a great degree, is one of the biggest hurdles in understanding how something works or how to do something right?  So if education helps with understanding something, don’t we owe it to ourselves to become more financially educated and understand our personalities and behaviors with money?

The Ultimate Challenge

It can’t be stressed enough in today’s economy and in today’s stock market that investing can be RISKY and will always obtain some sort of RISK.  With markets skyrocketing one month and the very next, they are plummeting to new lows, it is necessary to take a step back and understand how to play stock with LIMITED DOWNSIDE or risk and with GREATER UPSIDE or returns.  Even more importantly, wouldn’t it be nice to understand how to control our emotions better so that we aren’t panicking and SELLING off all of our assets when the first sign of trouble hits the markets and we’re NOT taking HUGE LOSSES? Wouldn’t that be nice?

This is one of the biggest challenges people face today according to many Financial experts around the world.  People simply don’t know what they want out of there investments or what their number is for Financial Freedom, most people don’t even have a exit strategy.  (We will touch on both of these topics later in detail as well).  Most people want instant gratification, instant pleasure over waiting for something good years later.

So, if so many people are impatient and don’t know what they want out of their investments and don’t know anything about exit strategies,  it’s time to start educating people on how to take more control over their investment decisions.

So where do we start?

The best place to start is with one’s self.  Ask yourself what it is you want out of life and your financial future?  how much do you feel comfortable with making per year in retirement? What is it that is going to make you happy in life? Forget about the money right now…. money as we know it can’t cure being unhappy.  It can certainly help but it isn’t a means to an end.  Tony Robbins was quoted saying in one of his speeches “The richest man in the graveyard doesn’t matter”.  You have to figure out what it is that full fills you first and makes you happy because I can assure you from first hand experience, that when it comes to investing…. YOU ARE GOING LOSE MONEY.  There is just know way to predict what the future holds for markets as a whole and no way to magically create a formula that is 100% Guaranteed to make you money all the time.   The truth is, that is not the way investing works! So with all of this to think about and I know those are some big questions to think about, let’s take a break before moving on.

What do we do next?

Do yourself a favor and grab a piece of paper and pencil and answer the questions asked above before moving on.  This will help you better understand what it is you want out of everything in your life besides just profits because we all want profits right?  What do you want out of maybe your marriage if you are married? what do you want as far as income per year, what is your magical number for retirement or what’s your number for returns on investing in a single company? Are you more aggressive in nature in regards to your personality or more conservative? Answer these questions and then move to the Getting Started page where we will cover personality types that you will find in a speculator versus an investor and cover more on the emotional aspects of what it takes to know how to play stock and become a good investor or day trader.

If you have any questions or want to leave comments below feel free to do so. This will help give more ideas and insight into things we have talked about on this page.

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